CIBRE® meal replacement powder

CIBRE® meal replacement powder

CIBRE® meal replacement powder is a premium quality prebiotic formula weight loss product. Based on scientific evidence, obesity has a close relationship with the composition of intestinal flora. CIBRE® meal replacement powder helps to reduce weight by regulating the proportion of intestinal colonies and enhance the proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria. It is natural with a better weight-loss effect.


Konjac flour, orange powder, resistant dextrin, polydextrose, iMOS® mannan oligosaccharide, lemon powder, jujube powder, apple powder, carrot powder, xylitol, aspartame.

Only 24 Kcal per bag, producing 6-hour satiety. 


One to four bags daily. 

Add one bag to 250-300 ml warm water and stir or shake well. 

Replace one to two meals or drink half an hour before meals.


150g (10g/ bag×15 bags)