iMOS® is a mannan oligosaccharide obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of a konjac glucomannan (KGM). It is a unique prebiotic with a degree of polymerization between 2 and 10. The distinctive feature of enzymatic cleavage is that it specifically exposes the mannose residues. Therefore, the non-reducing ends of iMOS® mannan oligosaccharide are mannoses.

Technical Standards:

(n=2-6) ≥50%

(n=2-10) ≥85%

Moisture content  max7.0%

Ash content  max5.0%

pH  5.0-8.0

Lead  max 0.5mg/kg

Arsenic  max 0.5mg/kg

Staphylococcus  absent/25g

Salmonella  absent/25g

Shigella  absent/25g


Particle size  min120 mesh

Color  light yellow-white

Taste  slightly sweet

Solubility  100%